Dynamic Wikipedia Comparison Tables

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Enter any Wikipedia-URL containing (comparison-)tables, e. g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Linux_distributions. dywicota will try to parse the page and generate a single, customizable table to help comparing the results.

Please see the restrictions below.


dywicota is not able to fully parse all available Wikipages. Let's stay on the given example linux distributions:
In table "General" Gentoo Linux is used as name, but table "Technical" provides only Gentoo. I do not have that fancy algorithm telling me that Gentoo equals Gentoo Linux, but Red Hat Enterprise Linux not equals Red Hat Linux.
Additionally, no multiline headers inside the tables are supported (these ones are skipped). There might be some other collateral damages which lead to further reality distortion.


dywicota only rearranges given contents. If you hit the Parse!-Button, all of the contents provided belong to their creators. If you like to reuse the generated table, use it only under the terms given on the original page.

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